Share the season without breaking the bank


Did you know that the average person spends more than $1,000 on holiday shopping? And that doesn’t include travel, entertainment and all the other fun stuff the holidays entail.

That’s why Benjamin Tracker from Ohio Valley Bank wants to help you stay on top of your spending now, before it turns into a blizzard of bills in January.

It’s easy to set spending targets with Benjamin Tracker. And once you have them, they can keep you grounded when the festivities get going in earnest.

Setting spending targets may be the best decision you make all season! And we’ve made sure doing it is just as easy.

There are other great features that Benjamin Tracker provides like monthly cash flow, spending patterns and the like.

But let’s keep it simple. Set your spending targets before the holidays heat up. You’ll be glad you did.
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Loving low cost Valentine’s Day ideas

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day might be the most romantic holiday, but it’s not always loving on your wallet. The red roses and pink hearts-filled day can end up being quite costly. Whether you are celebrating as a family or with your sweetheart, there are ways to make this Valentine’s Day both nice and affordable.

Our cupid approved ideas are here to help:

  1. Take advantage of your OVB Visa Rewards. It is possible to save money and enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart by using your Scorecard rewards points. For example, points could be used on an overnight romantic getaway, which can easily be booked directly from the EZCard site.
  2. Look for local events to enjoy. You can avoid travel for your romantic night out by spending the evening in your own community. For example, in Gallipolis, Ohio, there are both romantic and family Valentine’s outings planned. Couples can enjoy Valentine’s themed dinner at the Colony Club or a wine tour at the Merry Family Winery. For the kids, Skatesville USA is hosting a Valentines Skate on Saturday, Feb. 10. Also on Saturday, in Wellston, Ohio, the Rotary Club will host their 8th Annual Valentine Dinner and Dance at Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Hall. Check your local tourism and chamber offices to see if any special events are going on for Valentine’s Day. You can also make it an enjoyable evening by visiting a local park, museum or restaurant. It can be an adventure exploring the local area with your valentine, with the added bonus of supporting your community.
  3. Put your chef skills to the test. If you aren’t feeling the Valentine’s dinner crowds and want to save money, cook dinner for your date. If you don’t want to try a new recipe ask your valentine what their favorite dish is. Dress up your table setting with a red tablecloth and light candles to make the meal even more special and romantic.
  4. Host a progressive dinner with friends. If you don’t want to cook a full meal on your own, why not team up with friends to make this Valentine’s Day a fun group event? Even if you are single this could be a nice way to enjoy the holiday with your friends and family. A progressive dinner works by each couple/household making one portion of the meal. You then travel from house to house enjoying each course from appetizers to dessert. This is a great way to spend time with friends as well as adhere to your budget.
  5. Enjoy a matinee. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be celebrated in the evening or on the actual day. It’s the meaning behind the holiday that truly matters. So why not save money and enjoy a matinee movie with your sweetie? Choose a movie you would both like or let your date pick.
  6. Heart-shaped pizza to the rescue. So cooking isn’t your thing. Maybe you cook every day and the best gift would be to NOT have to make dinner this Valentine’s Day. So why not have a literal cheesy meal of heart-shaped pizza? It’s cute, fun and tasty. That’s a Valentine’s Day win.
  7. Movie night at home. Along with either your pizza or cooked dinner in, enjoy Valentine’s Day with a movie night. This can be fun for both families and couples. Each person can pick their favorite movie. To make the experience even better make some microwave popcorn and serve it in festive red bowls. Throw in some conversation hearts as a valentine movie snack!
  8. Make your own Valentine’s Day present. A hand-written card is a meaningful gift that you can create at virtually no cost. If you knit, a handmade scarf or hat is a perfect gift especially as we are still in the thick of winter. Are you artistic? Why not paint/draw a picture for your date. That’s a unique gift that packs in sentimental value too. However, you don’t have to be overly crafty to make your date a Valentine’s gift. For example, create a playlist of special songs that remind you of them. Baking heart shaped cookies is also a sweet way to show you care. Check out Pinterest for other homemade gift ideas.
  9. Enjoy each other’s hobbies. Sometimes the best gift of all is taking interest in your partner’s hobby. For example, if they like to paint, take a painting class together. If they enjoy video games, find one you can play together. Making time for each other and sharing interests is a great way to connect not only on Valentine’s Day but for your relationship in general.
  10. Volunteer together. Maybe you just don’t enjoy the commercialism that can be part of Valentine’s Day. A way to still celebrate the holiday and make a difference is to volunteer together. It can be very meaningful to know that you helped out your community, and even more so to know that you did it together.

Hopefully these tips will both help you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and help you stick to your New Year’s resolution of saving money in 2018. Happy Valentine’s Day!





Newlyweds and Money

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Financial Tips for High School Graduates Headed to College

by Hope Roush, OVB Financial Literacy Leader

studentwalkingThe hard work finally pays off and just like that high school is over. For many recent high school graduates the next step leads to college, which can be both exciting and scary.

A good way to get the college journey off on the right foot is to be financially prepared. One of the first steps a new college student can take is to open a checking account. Many banks offer student accounts. For example, at Ohio Valley Bank customers’ ages 16-25 can take advantage of Right Start Checking. With this account there is no monthly service fee, which is very helpful to college students. Through Right Start Checking, customers also have access to eDelivery statements as well as free online and mobile banking. A checking account helps with budgeting and managing money as well.

In fact, creating a Read more of this post