OVB Spotlight: Meet our executive assistant team

Pictured from left to right: Cindy Johnson, Adria Watson and Paula “Polly” Clay.

There are many factors that keep Ohio Valley Bank running. From shareholders to board members, OVB is able to continue working as an independent, community bank. Another factor that keeps the bank going? Our team of dedicated, community bankers.

In this edition of OVB Spotlight, we are introducing our team of dedicated executive assistants. From organizing board meetings and compiling various committee meeting minutes to maintaining corporate records as well as helping with the annual shareholder’s meeting and providing support to the Chairman and President, these community bankers work hard to keep the bank running like a well oiled machine. In addition, they are a valued asset to the bank’s executive team. 

Get to know your OVB executive assistant team:

Paula “Polly” Clay, OVB assistant vice president and assistant secretary, has worked with the bank for 45 years.

She described her work with OVB as ever-changing to meet bank needs.

“When you’re in the executive area, you never know what duties and projects may be assigned to you. It’s a new challenge almost every day,” Clay said.

She added that her favorite part of the job was the privilege of getting to work with her fellow community bankers each day.

When she isn’t working, Clay enjoys attending church regularly, where she also serves as the secretary/treasurer of her Sunday school class. She also enjoys time with her two adult children and their spouses as well as her six grandchildren, which she described as one of “life’s greatest blessings times six.”

Cindy Johnson, OVB assistant vice president and assistant secretary, has been with the bank for 43 years.

When it comes to her job responsibilities, Johnson said her favorite part was constantly learning new things.

Outside of OVB, Johnson likes to work on her flower gardens in her spare time, a talent she also brings to the rooftop flower display at OVB on the Square. She also enjoys helping with her church’s various activities. In addition, she enjoys spending time with her daughter; son and daughter-in-law; two grandsons; and grandcat.

Adria Watson, OVB executive assistant, will celebrate her four year anniversary with the bank next month.

Like Clay and Johnson, Watson described her job duties as continually evolving to meet the bank’s needs.

To further elaborate on the executive assistant team’s daily routine, she shared the following quote. 

“We just never know what we will be getting into but we do know that: ‘we are here to spend ourselves on others; for each person is a great treasure,’ – Bryant H. McGill.”

Watson described the different duties as her favorite part of her job as well as her coworkers.

“OVB has some wonderful people, and I get to work alongside the best of them,” she said.

When she isn’t working, Watson enjoys shopping thrift stores; decorating her home with various DIY projects; and spending time with her husband and three children. In addition, as a pastor’s wife, she is very involved with her church, where she also serves a beginners’ class teacher.

Our executive assistant team is focused on making sure the bank runs as smoothly as possible for both our valued customers and employees. They truly do keep OVB’s Community First mission at the heart of all they do.

Stay tuned for future editions of OVB Spotlight.

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