Students React to OVBC Shareholders Meeting


L-R: OVBC Chairman Jeff Smith, RVHS Teacher Michelle Alderman, RVHS Student Julia Nutter, SGHS Student Nickole Beaver, SGHS Student Gavin Bevan, SGHS Student Tristan Janey, OVBC President and CEO Tom Wiseman, and SGHS Teacher Jeff Fowler.

Ohio Valley Banc Corp. recently held its Annual Shareholders Meeting. This year’s event featured some special guests as students from River Valley High School and South Gallia High School attended.

OVB was pleased to include the local teens, the future of our community. As for the students, most agreed that the Shareholders Meeting was very different than they imagined. Gavin Bevan of South Gallia High School was surprised at the amount of people in attendance.

“There were more people than I thought would be here,” Bevan said. “I also learned how much (OVB) gives back to the community. The bank gives back a lot more than I thought they did.”

Fellow South Gallia High School student Tristan Janey echoed Bevan’s thoughts. “I thought the meeting was going to be a lot smaller. I didn’t realize the event was quite so large,” he said.

Janey also found it interesting to learn about the financial aspect of the bank. “I enjoyed looking at the income the bank brings in.”

Julia Nutter of River Valley High School said she enjoyed seeing how a shareholders meeting works in person. “I thought it was interesting to see how the shareholders vote; how you could vote before you came. I also thought it was interesting how they introduced the resolutions during the meeting.”

Nutter also said she was pleased to see OVB’s local presence. “I learned how shareholders work with the bank and how the bank’s employees are involved in the community.”

OVB’s focus on community was also what South Gallia High School student Nickole Beaver took from the experience. “I learned how much the bank really influences the community and how much they give back,” Beaver said. “I learned it has more to do with community than just numbers. I’m proud to be part of this community that is supported by a local bank.”

Jeff Fowler, South Gallia High School teacher, said he appreciated OVB giving students the opportunity to attend the event. “I wanted them to learn two things. One, I want them to be able to see how a local company has grown over the years, and two, to see how a business of the community is governed and its effect on the community because of how it’s governed.”

River Valley High School teacher Michelle Alderman echoed Fowler’s thoughts. She also said she enjoyed seeing OVB’s community involvement.  “It is nice to see that the bank we use gives so much back to the community and that they care about us and their employees. We appreciate the opportunity to come here and to allow our students to come. This gives our students an opportunity that they may never have.”

Both Fowler and Alderman also thanked OVB for the support the bank gives to both their respective schools. “Thank you to the Board and to the employees for providing this event. Also we thank them for allowing Hope (Roush, OVB Financial Literacy Leader) to come into our schools and teach our students,” Fowler said.

Ohio Valley Banc Corp. common stock is traded on The NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol OVBC. The holding company owns Ohio Valley Bank, with 19 offices in Ohio and West Virginia, and Loan Central, with six consumer finance offices in Ohio. Learn more about Ohio Valley Banc Corp. at


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